• Voice care for anyone who has experienced a voice difficulty that compromises their daily speech/communication needs (voice loss, weakness, hoarseness, fatigue)
  • Voice care for the professional voice user (teachers, singers, actors, clergy, announcers, receptionists, business professionals)
  • Difficulty with voice, speech and swallowing due to aging, head injury, stroke, paralysis, head and neck cancer
  • Voice, speech and swallowing care for patients with neurogenic disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS
  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)
  • Vocal fold nodules, cysts and polyps
  • Vocal cord malfunction and paralysis
  • Vocal cord dysfunction/paradoxical vocal fold motion

Diagnostic Procedures include:

  • Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
  • Flexible laryngoscopy

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